Calling All Retailers | First Glimpse of Our Retail Packaging

29th Jul 2012

So, Carabiner the Vizsla returned home from our 20 mile "trek" on the Appalachian Trail (aside: gosh, I'm not as young as I once was!) to find...  

...a mountain (excuse the pun) of retail packaging for the Mountain Dog Chews speciality line of elk antlers for dogs!

We invested in the highest-quality materials we could find.  Following pre-launch market testing, we are pleased with the presentation of Mountain Dog Chews in the retail environment!

Please take a moment to check it out - we've posted a few informal displays of our retail packaging on Facebook.  The pics honestly don't do justice to the presentation.  As we've packaged tens and tens of thousands of units, we hope you'll like them...  :)

If you are (i) a premium independent pet boutique or specialty retailer; (ii) a veterinary professional; (iii) a premium independent or national sporting goods retailer or outfitter (hunting|fly fishing|tackle|fine gear); (iv) a premium independent or national retailer or manufacturer of outdoor recreation merchandise and specialty gear; or (v) a prospective retail or distributor partner whose values resonate with ours, we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you all for your support!