Why should I purchase from Mountain Dog Chews? How do you stand apart from the pack, so to speak?

In short, we vow to maintain a steadfast (nary, unapologetic) commitment to unparallelled quality of product and quality of experience for you and your canine companions. In these respects, we're authentic to our core, and, true to our Southern roots, maybe even a bit old-school or classic, come anew. Quite simply, we're about trust, loyalty, pursuit of excellence and doing the right thing. We invite you to check out Our Story and Why Buy From Us. Thank you. 

Antler chews for dogs??? What are the benefits, and are all antler chew products the same?

Antler chews from Mountain Dog Chews represent the pinnacle of quality in all-natural chews and are sure to pique (or... peak...) your dog's interest!

We believe that elk antler chews constitute nature's perfect, uber-eco-friendly, premium dog chew. Each year, elk and other antlered mammals naturally shed their magnificent antlers in connection with a timeless annual regeneration process, stimulated by seasonal changes and biological hormone fluctuations. These shed antlers are dutifully gathered from mountain peaks, plains, ranches and other wild natural areas by U.S. shed hunters, ranchers, Boy Scouts, backpackers and outdoors enthusiasts, and the very best of premium Grade A lots are hand-selected, cut and crafted, and finally packaged for presentation to you as Mountain Dog Chews. By the way, no animals ever are harmed in the shed collection process – on the contrary, as lifelong lovers of the outdoors and sporting enthusiasts, all hands hold deep reverence for elk and other cervids, as well as for efforts to conserve our natural resources.

Benefits of our elk antler chews include:

  • Rich source of calcium, phosphorous, glucosamine and chondroitin and other beneficial minerals and nutrients, all excellent for your dog's bones, teeth and gums, coat and overall health
  • No additives, no artificial coloring, no flavor enhancers, no preservatives, no outsourcing, no GMO, no plastics, no petrochemicals...
  • More durable and safer than traditional chews made from plastic, bone or compacted starch
  • Antler chews will neither splinter or chip like bones, nor break like artificial toys
  • Allergen-free, and perfect for all dogs (including puppies, seniors and special-needs pets)
  • Not a slaughter house by-product like most other “natural” treats (e.g., penis/bullysticks, ears, organs, tripe, hooves, lungs, snouts and similar flotsam)
  • 100% mess-free and odor-free
  • Product of the USA
  • Dogs go nuts over Mountain Dog Chews antler chews!

Please know that not all antler chew products are even remotely the same. Feel good knowing that with elk antler chews from Mountain Dog Chews you are "treating" your dog to the absolute best. We only bring to market top-grade brown antler chews (the best of Grade A, in industry jargon) – not the inexpensively procured, small, weathered-white inferior grade chews that unfortunately are proliferating some big box stores and online retailers. 

How do I know whether MY dog is a Mountain Dog?

(We couldn't resist...) We know that inside every dog beats the heart of a Mountain Dog! Is your dog loving, affectionate, loyal and energetic??? Of course! She or he is all those things and much more... And, most definitely, a full-fledged Mountain Dog!!! We guarantee it. 

Regarding your antler chews, I can't decide which sizes and types of antler chews likely would best suit my dog... Any guidance?

Every dog is unique, to say the least! We're confident that your dog would love all of our premium antler chews; however, please be sure to peruse our Antler Chew Sizing Guidelines to ensure an appropriate fit.  

What do you mean by “single ingredient” when referencing your antler chews?

Quite literally, you'll find only one ingredient in our antler chews: 100% naturally shed premium elk antler. Nothing else is added (well... excepting intangibles such as "love," "dedication to excellence," and "our appreciation"). ;) 

Where can I find Mountain Dog Chews products?

Currently, our products are available only through the online and mobile sites of www.mountaindogchews.com, and through a selective group of premier retailers and outfitters within the United States. Please click here for additional information. 

Can you tell me the Mountain Dog Chews story?

Mountain Dog Chews is defined by our commitment to uncompromising quality and service, respect for and stewardship of the American outdoors and its wildlife resources, and to fostering moments of connection between individuals and their wonderful and selfless four-legged canine companions.

Mountain Dog, is a family-run start-up working hard to establish an ultra-premium, authentic and distinctive brand compelling to dog-lovers who seek the BEST unique all-natural, single-ingredient, holistic and sustainable chews and treats and products, while also resonating specifically with folks who, like myself, are active in outdoors recreation or simply appreciate moments in the outdoors (whether on a city park trail or in a frosty duck blind) shared with our dogs. Our foray into antler dog chews was a natural one, as we are able to offer an American made product that meets our high standards and also epitomizes all that we stand for. Our antler chews are bar-none among the highest quality, hand-selected chews you will find, originating from top-grade naturally-shed antlers collected by hand and on hoof each year, and meticulously cut, sanded and crafted into nature's perfect, uber-eco-friendly, premium dog chew.

One really couldn't convey even partially the essence of Mountain Dog Chews without first sharing with you a bit of background about myself. I grew up in a principled, tight-knit family in the mountains. As a young sportsman, I revered the great outdoors, and was ingrained with a respect for outdoor pursuits as well as a love of country. Some of my fondest memories were formed on trout streams and roaming the back-country trails actually searching for Natures' Treasures (Naturally Shed Antlers) every spring the company of family, friends and my Labrador Retriever.

Whether in field or stream or street, those bonds, we believe, cross all physical geographies from Anchorage to Key Largo and all points between, are shared among all ages, physical conditions and Life circumstances, and simply manifest a timeless and wholesome goodness that we at Mountain Dog Chews are committed to furthering. We invite you to check out Why Buy From Us for additional tidbits.

So, friends... Always get up, get out and go for it, and let's create something meaningful!"What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog."
-Dwight D. Eisenhower