Why Buy From Us

We vow to maintain a steadfast (nary, unapologetic) commitment to unparalleled quality of product and quality of experience for you and your canine companions. In these respects, we're authentic to our core, and, true to our Southern roots, maybe even a bit old-school or classic, come anew. Quite simply, we're about trust, loyalty, pursuit of excellence and doing the right thing.

Please be sure to read a bit about us, skim our rave reviews, and check out some of the causes we believe in.

We take great pride in exceptional products, service and values.

Premium. We refuse to deliver any less than that which we expect from ourselves – uncompromising standards at any cost. It's the surest means to earn your trust and repeat business. As our company matures, please know that you will never find our name on or associated with any product that we have not scrutinized (we tend to be perfectionists) and determined reflective of the highest quality and integrity that money can buy. It comes down to a simple mantra: Anything worth doing is worth doing with excellence. By way of example, we are differentiated from competitors in that, among other things, we would never conceive of sourcing to pets sub-prime graded, chalky-white, sun-baked and often hairline-cracked antler chews that will be unappealing, or, worse, outright dangerous, to our dogs. Rather, we pay top dollar for the largest, freshest, Grade A brown elk antler that is crafted into our antler chews... And, we've staked our business on the supposition that the vast majority of pet owners expect more, as do we, from the products we all consume.

All Natural. We believe in products sourced from nature, sans any additives, preservatives, or, for that matter, any other ingredients. An unadulterated sole-source of glucosamine, calcium, phosphorous and other natural elements, our antler chews are Mother Nature's finest. As we are fond of saying, when choosing for your pet, always Chews All Natural™.

Sustainable. Why do we contend that our elk antler chews constitute nature's perfect, uber-eco-friendly, premium dog chew? One word: sustainability. Antler chews are derived from naturally-shed antlers, dropped annually in a natural process that triggers full-circle regeneration. A perfect cycle. We are committed to bringing to market only those products we feel are sustainable and originate from renewable resources.

Green Practices. At Mountain Dog Chews, we strive to minimize our negative effect on the environment. Our products and operations incorporate, wherever possible, recyclable, re-cycled and re-usable materials.

Authentic and Passionate. Authenticity is paramount. We're not a company masquerading our identity or products through numerous sites of the same ilk. We hope you'll find us to be “the real deal” – an original purveyor of premium wholesome products for your pets. We have a passion for pets, their health and well being – a passion unmatched only by our love of the outdoors and wild areas. We are bound together in kinship by dedication to our dogs, the great outdoors and active lifestyles, and by appreciation for wholesome goodness served up courtesy of nature by... MountainDogChews.com.

Made in the USA. As we are 100% USA born, bred and corn-fed, we're patriotic and proud of our heritage. While we have found and support excellent pet products originating from Canada and New Zealand, it's safe to say that you will never see our products sourced from Asia or South America. We simply don’t believe in off-shoring for the sake of profit – especially when the World's greatest and safest supply chain remains firmly rooted in American soil. Please join us in supporting American businesses!