Interested in Becoming a Mountain Dog Dealer?

We currently are interested in building professional relationships with select qualified retail partners and organizations that share our values and are positioned to help entrench our premium brand within targeted markets and channels. We also are interested in distributor and independent sales partners.

What we offer:

  • Reliable, large-volume supply of true Grade A elk antler chews for customers who demand high-quality, safe and larger antler dog chews at price points and margins competitive to the lesser-quality mass offerings.
  • Made in the USA products, backed by a high-growth, authentic brand built by sportsmen, dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Attractive retail packaging, designed with an eye towards maximizing merchandising while minimizing valuable retail space, and perfect for both pegged hanging and POP presentations.
  • Opportunities for exclusivity, whether territorial/geographic or channel-specific (e.g., national retail sporting goods).
  • Guaranteed-satisfaction account support.

Who we're looking for:

  • Premium independent and retailers
  • Veterinary professionals.
  • Premium independent and national retailers of outdoor rec. merchandise and gear.
  • Premium pet boutiques.
  • Trainers, retailers and professionals in the sporting dog space.
  • Specialty retailers of luxury goods and wares.
  • Certain prominent online merchants and marketplaces.

Ensuring a good fit between the Mountain Dog brand and your organization is critical to our mutual success. We're defined by commitment to exceptional quality and service, stewardship of the outdoors and wildlife resources, and to fostering moments of connection between individuals and their canine companions. Whether in field or stream or street, those bonds, we believe, cross all geographies from Anchorage to Key Largo and points between, are shared among all ages, physical conditions and circumstances, and manifest a timeless, wholesome goodness that the Mountain Dog brand strives to further.

If the foregoing resonates with you, and you agree that your customers and dogs deserve best-in-class quality, then we look forward to hearing from you.

There are 2 simple steps to becoming a retailer of our high quality Mountain Dog Chews 

STEP-1 Create a Mountain Dog Chews Account, to begin just use this link,  CREATE ACCOUNT

STEP-2 Send us an email stating your account has been created and request your account approved for Wholesale.

Once you have the account created and we can instantly authorize you to be a Mountain Dog Wholesaler by simply editing you account, this typically can happen as soon as we see your email, to  speed up this process you can call us after you have created your account and we will be happy to get your account approved.

Completion of accounts and request of wholesale does not instantly/always guarantee or imply affiliation as an authorized retailer/dealer of Mountain Dog Chews.

Thank you for your interest in Mountain Dog Chews!