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This MONSTER MOOSE antler dog chew is NOT for just any Dog.

If you have a power chewer that can destroy everything including most antlers, look no further than the Mountain Dog Chews Monster Moose Chew!

Be sure you and your Dog are prepared for the most dense antler chew in the world!

Typically as a rule, Moose Antler can be softer than Elk, but that "rule" only applies to the flat paddle portion of a moose antler and definitely does not apply to the base portion of a naturally shed moose antler, which is where we make our Monster Moose Chew!.

The first 8-10" of a moose antler is actually more dense than any other antler we have found!

Offered on a per-piece basis (that is, Qty 1 = 1 chew).

Average Dimensions: Hand selected for the best consistency and quality our ULTIMATE MOOSE ANTLER DOG CHEW  averages from 8 inches to 10 inches long and run up to 4" wide on the widest end.

Average Weight: The Ultimate Moose chew will generally average 1.5-2 POUNDS each.

NEW ANTLER FLAVOR OPTION! Original vs Hickory-Smoked - Mountain Dog Chews are now available in two varieties, ORIGINAL ANTLER (Our Straight-Up Fresh Antler) or our NEW HICKORY SMOKED (Lightly Smoked with real Hickory wood adding the distinct aroma, flavor and color of natural Hickory Smoke. Our Hickory-Smoked antlers are only made after you order, so please allow us an additional day of handling time to smoke the antlers before shipping your order.  Smoked antlers will cost an additional $7.50 per each antler chew. Unfortunately, we DO NOT offer returns on Hickory-Smoked Antlers.

Every antler chew is naturally unique and will vary, accordingly, in size and shape, weight/density and hue of color. However, all Mountain Dog Chews are sourced only from Grade A+ Moose antler – the best one can purchase.

As with all consumable chew toys, please supervise diligently your pet when providing this antler chew. Once this chew has become worn down to a size that could pose a choking and/or swallowing hazard to your pet, please discard responsibly, and replace with a new Mountain Dog Chew!


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  • 5
    Awesome for aggressive chewers!!

    Posted by Jeannine on 21st Jan 2024

    So glad we purchased this! We were hesitant because of the cost … but our Samoyed is a fan - and so are the humans! Good item for super chewers .

  • 5
    Mammoth Moose Chew

    Posted by Maddie on 12th Oct 2023

    This is the only chew I get for our 170-lb 3 year old Neo Mastiff. He loves them and chews them all the way down to the nub. I love that they are naturally shed and not a slaughterhouse byproduct. A bit pricy but worth it!

  • 5
    Moose for the win

    Posted by Katie Gregory on 8th Jun 2023

    We have five rescue Bulldogs and while they love MDC Smoked Elk Antler, they go absolutely insane for the smoked flavor moose paddles! They are a bit softer like it says in the FAQ section of the website so I order larger sizes than I do in the elk. The quality is amazing and the shipping is quick! The whole Moose Chew must weigh 10lbs. Wish we could attach photos !

  • 5
    Monster whole moose chew

    Posted by Angela Butenko on 27th Jan 2023

    All I can say is WOW!!! My two 100lb GSD's LOVE them! Their noses were in the box as soon as I got through one side of tape! These paddles are enormous and should entertain them for hours! And the speed of your shipping is just insane! Thanks guys! Keep up the excellent quality and service! You definitely have a repeat customer in me.

  • 5
    The BEST for intense chewers

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Dec 2021

    We have a 120lb GP and this base moose antler has lasted him the last year of his intense chewing from a puppy to teen pup. Ordering another for Christmas! These are just great quality and they really last.

  • 5
    Epic Chew-Happy Dog and Owner

    Posted by Aaron on 3rd May 2020

    This is such a cool company and cool service. My dog is a big chewer and simply can’t get enough. Great buyer experience. Will be back as soon as my vizsla is done doing his thing to his moose rack.

  • 5
    Big ole paddle chew

    Posted by Tanya on 19th Feb 2020

    This was impressive when it arrived. My pups weren't sure where to start on it yet both being aggressive chewers, it didn't take them long to start gnawing away at it. This is great if you have a pup that likes to try and swallow bones and such. This did not disappoint. From the time I ordered and hand in hand was incredibly fast. Have and will continue to tell everyone I know with dogs about MDC! 10 out of 10 will buy again!

  • 5
    Massive Chew We give it two Paws-Up!

    Posted by Sue from Ohio on 13th Feb 2018

    I purchased this as an alternative to elk to see what could be longer lasting than elk antler, well no kidding these things are huge and heavy, if you drop on on your foot you will likely not be walking for a week! My Dog loved the chew and if he ever wears it out I will buy another, the shipping is lightning fast and the price is great for what this chew does!

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